European Family Ministries Forum, Albania (2024)

12th Mar 2024 –
16th Mar 2024 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 am – From Tuesday, March 12th – Saturday, March 16th 2024, we meet in the beautiful Diamma Resort on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, starting with dinner on Tuesday and ending with breakfast on Saturday.There is parking available at the hotel if you come by car. If you are coming by plane, the closest airport is […]

Family Ministries Forum for Africa, Tanzania (2024)

21st Apr 2024 –
25th Apr 2024 @ 5:00 pm – You are invited to the (East) African Family Ministry Forum organized at Youth With a Mission Arusha, Tanzania. This event is for those who are working in Africa in the area of Families, or who would like to start a Family ministry. Our first focus is on those who work with YWAM, but is not […]

European Family Ministries Forum (2023)

14th Mar 2023 –
18th Mar 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 am – We are very excited to announce dates for 2023! So here is what you need to know: Budapest, HungaryMarch Tuesday 14th – Starting with dinnerMarch Saturday 18th – Ending with breakfast (accommodation, breakfast & dinner included) The Family Ministry Forum is the gathering together of our YWAM Family Ministries family within Europe (and beyond) and […]

Family Ministries Forum Europe (2022)

29th Mar 2022 –
1st Apr 2022 @ Not specified – March 29th – April 1st Praying and Planning to be face to face in Budapest! Register below! We are filled with so much expectation for finally being together, and the blessing that God wants to impart.So here is what you need to know:Budapest, HungaryMarch 29th – Starting with dinnerApril 1st – Ending with breakfastConference price around €150 […]

European Family Ministries Forum (2021)

2nd Mar 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm – YWAM Family Ministries Forum Online We’re living in a time when physical connection is keenly lacking, social distancing is required, and isolation is deeply felt. In the midst of it all, how much more do we all truly need that Vital Connection to God, our Source, but also to each other After much prayer and […]

European Family Ministries Forum (2022)

29th Mar 2022 –
1st Apr 2022 @ Not specified – Better together YWAM Family Ministries Forum in Budapest Our annual European FMF is getting closer. We look forward to being together & having you with us! Expect Great things from the One who can do Infinitely more!! Start of FMF: Tuesday, March 29th (with dinner)End of FMF: Friday, April 1st (after breakfast) See your booking options below. Payment is in cash […]

Forum in Fortaleza – brazil

Lauro and Filomena Santana started YWAM Family Ministries in Brazil 2013. Since then they have been leading annual Family Ministry Schools in Curitiba. Peter & Selma Thomas were students in the Curitiba FMS 2014 and pioneered FMS in Fortaleza 2017. In October 2018 they conducted …

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Family Ministries Forum, Europe (2019)

27th Mar 2019 –
30th Mar 2019 @ Not specified – We warmly invite you for the annual: European Family Ministries Forum (FMF) in Krakow March 27-30 2019 There will be a Strategic Pre-meeting for those in FM leadership on 26 & 27 March. We would like to invite national leader teams, school leaders, and people with national responsibilities and influence. The FMF is the gathering of […]

Family Ministries Forum, Tanzania (2018)

8th Aug 2018 –
11th Aug 2018 @ Not specified – The first Family Ministries Forum for Tanzania. Hereby you are invited to the 1st Family Ministry Forum organized at Youth With a Mission Arusha, Tanzania. We will start Wednesday morning 8th of August and finish by Friday afternoon 10th of August. Overnight guests should arrive latest Tuesday evening and can depart Saturday morning. Accommodation and meals […]