The Marriage Covenant

by Christine Schubert Our western cultures have a hard time with the idea of marriage as a lifelong inseparable union of a man and a woman. Whatever the reasons are, the concept of covenant can be helpful to grasp some understanding. Marriage– God’s design On …

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Preserving Your Legacy

“I will make every effort to see that after my departure you will always be able to remember these things.” These words spoken by the apostle Peter in 2 Peter 1:15 highlight the importance of ensuring that our story will always be remembered. When my …

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A Legacy Milestone Moment

Celebrating Family Milestones

Two nights before our son and future daughter-in-law’s wedding we met for a special celebration. We gathered for a meal at her parent’s home to intentionally acknowledge this significant transition in our family. My wife and I had prayed about the specific things we wanted …

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Parenting in widowhood

by Julie Simeon When the unexpected news came that my husband had died in a road accident, our daughter was 10 and our lives were changed forever. Though God gave me assurances that it was His time for my husband to go and He covered …

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Traveling together – alone

by Carolyn Ros We do not start out on the journey called ‘marriage’ with the thought that there may be a season of having to travel alone. Johan and I had met, fallen in love and married with a vision to be a team that …

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What’s Your Story?

What's Your Story?

Inheritance happens slowly, little by little, day by day. The food we serve says something about nutrition. The tone of voice, the places we go, the movies we watch, the friends we associate with, the churches we attend, the prayers we pray, the attitudes we …

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