His Kingdom come into our home

By Roberto Lucero Family is a design of God that started in Eden. It started with the first family and ends with the second coming of Christ where we will come to our Father’s house to celebrate a big wedding. It begins in a garden …

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Candle-light Dinner Most Popular

The interest in Marriage Week is unbroken in Germany.  Once again, approximately 20,000 women and men participated in Marriage Week events. One out of five Marriage Week events was a romantic dinner. Many churches picked up the idea of a blessing service for couples besides …

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“I was a normal husband and father”

It was such a blessing to see the families who came to camp this year experiencing God’s love as a family in ways they never had before! This year we had 8 participant families, 4 leading families, and several single staff, for a total of …

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Foundations For Family Life – SIngapore

YWAM Singapore recently started Family Ministries from their base and conducted a UofN Foundations for Family Life Seminar (FFL), led by William & Patrena Teo and supported by a team from the Philippines. Here are some photos of the seminar.

Forum in Fortaleza – brazil

Lauro and Filomena Santana started YWAM Family Ministries in Brazil 2013. Since then they have been leading annual Family Ministry Schools in Curitiba. Peter & Selma Thomas were students in the Curitiba FMS 2014 and pioneered FMS in Fortaleza 2017. In October 2018 they conducted …

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Family Ministries at YWAM Together 2018

During the first week of September, 4000 YWAM-ers from around the world met in Pattaya, Thailand, for our international YWAM gathering called YWAM Together. The focus of the main meetings was on spending time as a family, celebrating cultures and sharing stories of what God …

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Seminar of the Gottman Institute in Norway

by Ole Andersen For over two years it has been a desire to make John Gottman’s ‘Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work’ available in Norway. An intensive partnership was developed with the National Family department in Norway, who needed a solidly-founded platform and springboard to …

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