Foundation For Family Studies, Germany (2022)

Foundation For Family Studies, Germany (2022)


23rd Apr 2022 -
16th Jul 2022    
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JMEM Hainichen
Berthelsdorfer Str. 7, Hainichen, 09661

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Dates mentioned are for the Lecture phase.

The Foundations for Family Studies (FFS) is a bilingual UofN course for singles, couples and families who desire to bring God’s purpose and vision for family back into society. This new University of the Nations course is the foundational introductory course for a new University of the Nations (UofN) Associates of Arts & Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies degree offered through the College of Education.
The 3-month Lecture Phase of the Foundations for Family Studies course (FAM 251) introduces students to the biblical foundational concepts of family life; presents a model for the study and understanding of the dynamics of family life; and introduces basic tools for helping to relate to families. Students can anticipate to grow and develop Christian character traits. Students will increase their competence in ministering to families. 


Biblical Worldview of Family

  • Model of the Trinity
  • Family of Origin/ Nuclear Family
  • Core elements of a Biblical Family – Love, Trust, Respect, Understanding
  • Conditional/Unconditional Love
  • Covenant

The Marriage Relationship

  • Biblical components for a Healthy Marriage: Understanding of Covenant, Biblical Headship, Commitment, Authority/Submission, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Sexuality vs Intimacy, praying together.
  • Basic Marriage Tools/ skills for Communication, Conflict resolution, Finances.
  • Basic Pre-marriage Tools/ skills for Pre-marriage coaching/ mentoring.

Marriage Seminar

  • Equipping students with a Basic Marriage Seminar package – basic tools for marriage-coaching

Family of Origin

  • Introduction to Bowens 9 core elements of Family of Origin: Nuclear Family Emotional System; Functioning in the Family – Over/Under; Personal differences; Differentiation of Self – Closeness/Distance; Family Rules; Family Triangles; Family Secrets; Family Roles; Sibling Position.
  • Genograms: Introduction of Genogram and its elements; Contrast dysfunctional/Healthy Family System; Dysfunctional family; Healthy Family


  • Child Development: The unborn child, Early childhood, Adolescence/Teenagers.
  • Biblical Concepts for Parenting: Unconditional Love, Self Esteem, Fatherhood/Motherhood, Discipline; Nurturing; Dealing with Anger in Parent/Child Relationship; Dealing with Grief & Loss in the Family.
  • Equipping students with a Basic Parenting Seminar.

People Helping Skills

  • Basic coaching skills 

The Family in Ministry

  • Principles of Team Ministry: Serving together in Family Camps/Seminars/Outreaches; The Home as a Training center for Ministry; Families in Ministry; Family Evangelism; Ministering Cross Culturally.

Family Life

  • House of Oneness – Foundations for Christian Home – six characteristics of a strong family.
  • Family and God’s Word
  • Family Prayer & Worship
  • Family Time & Celebration
  • Importance of Extended Family
  • Family in Missions

Field Assignment (FAM 252)

The 8-week field assignment is a vital part of the training, allowing students to assimilate and apply the knowledge and skills learned in the lecture phase more effectively as a family in a team context, and by providing opportunities to work in family-based ministries. The dates mentioned are not including this outreach phase.

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