North Star: Applied Perspectives of Biblical Sexuality

North Star: Applied Perspectives of Biblical Sexuality


7th Jan 2022 -
31st Mar 2022    
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YWAM Kona, Hawaii
75-5851 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 96740

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Our culture is obsessed with love. We hear about it in music, see it in movies, read about it in dating books, debate over it in politics. But what is love and what does it look like? We believe the Bible’s radical claim that love is not a feeling, idea, choice, or right—but a person. The person of Jesus Christ. With Jesus as the perfect example of love, we can look to his words and actions to learn what love looks like.

Northstar brings together theologians and communicators, learning and practice, head and heart, Christianity and culture to explore the question “What is love and what does it look like?”. Northstar: School of Biblical Sexuality is a secondary school of YWAM Kona, equipping a generation to know what love looks like in word and deed.


The North Star has been a reliable reference point for navigation in every culture around the world for millennia – it is still used when modern technology fails. Analogously, the name “North Star (Hokupa’a)” implies a navigational reference that aims to guide voyagers through a society’s stormy seas. It represents a standard: a trustworthy reference point for navigation down through the ages. It is always relevant, and never outdated.

This course seeks to communicate God’s “North Star” for Human Identity, Relationships, and Sexuality. It seeks to restore a generation’s hope in God’s design for Humanity and Marriage while offering the skills and resources to influence others likewise.


School leader: Kenny Jackson

See: YWAM Kona

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