A Time Many of us Dream About…

by Samuel & Rachael Warne

It’s a time many of us dream about…
An anticipation many of us deeply desire…
Yet, how many of us intentionally put things in place to ensure it becomes and stays the dream we truly long for? We all desire a ‘happy, healthy marriage’ … But what does that even look like? What does that really mean?

We were young and full of expectancy as we eagerly began to make plans for our own marriage. And while the Wedding Day itself consumed a lot of our attention….we were not naive to the challenges of two entirely different people, from different family cultures, becoming one.
So before that Day came, the preparation for the beginning of the rest of our lives in togetherness became our primary focus.

With a great sense of purpose, we sought out a number of couples whose relationship we admired, intentionally talking with them and drawing on key aspects we saw in them that we desired to implement in our own relationship. This was instrumental for us to create a solid picture – a vision – for ourselves of what we wanted our own marriage to look like. What we were going to be aiming and building towards.

In order to make this a reality:
What habits do we need to form? What do we need to stop?
What questions do we need to ask?
What people do we desire to invite to speak into our lives?
Who has positive experience in these different areas?
What are the core values we intend to live by?
How do we create this kind of culture?

It is so important that you know what it is you are aiming towards. As Zig Ziglar said:

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!

No matter where you are in the journey – single, dating, engaged, married – defining what you ultimately want your relationship to look like creates a platform from which to then build actionable steps towards. Steps that will take you and help to keep you in the marriage you truly long for.

And how much better to take preemptive measures in these things, before small things become bigger issues to deal with.
To start fresh into healthy habits and a strong foundation.
To prepare for success.
To happy, healthy marriages!

Samuel & Rachael Warne