Empower Asia Workshop: Lonavala, India

In early February a team of University of the Nations international leaders joined local leaders in Lonavala to build deeper understanding of UofN and equip staff to lead schools.

Over 80 participants from India, Nepal and Bangladesh were welcomed with garlands of flowers to honour them for their service to YWAM and the University. Each day we worshiped God for all He was doing in South Asia, followed by times of ministry which brought healing and freedom to many.

The afternoons we broke into groups where more in-depth training was given for each college/center; this was very effective for building relationships with people. A couple of afternoons we had equipping workshops that trained them as school leaders and connected them with the resources available for the job.

Merle Jacobs and Shirley Jones from the Family Resource Centre attended in response to a request for training in the area of Family Ministries. They met with couples and singles from all three nations who were interested in bring family training to their regions.

Teams Welcome!

Prakesh and Sonu work in Jumla in Nepal and they are already known in their locality as the couple who help with marriages that struggle. They are keen to welcome teams who will help them run seminars on family life. If you would like to take your outreach team to the highest YWAM base in the world to strengthen and train families in Nepal, please contact shirley.jones@uofn.edu.