Family Camp at YWAM Romania

For many years now YWAM Romania has run a Family Camp each summer, focusing on strengthening Christian families in Romania and seeing parents and their children grow closer to each other and to God. Every year it seems to grow bigger, and this year was no exception, with 36 families participating! The camp was already full almost four months before it started. Imagine 70 children and 70 adults together for a week in the mountains of rural Romania; singing songs, playing games, dancing together, receiving input, worshipping, swimming, eating, and lots more!

With us to give input for the week was a wonderful couple from the US, George and Donna Snow. In the mornings they taught the adults and then spent almost every afternoon meeting couples,

encouraging and praying for them. They are anointed in the area of ministering God’s Father-heart and seeing people understand their identity. After meeting with one couple in the afternoon, Donna said: “It would have been totally worth our while coming to Romania if it was only to meet with and pray for that family!”. We were so blessed to have them with us. For a couple that’s been married 59 years they really don’t act their age (especially when George went down the zip-line hanging upside down with no hands)!

A highlight for many couples was the romantic evening. The couples came dressed-up and were given a small package of things to have a picnic-style date at the campground while their kids were looked after. They got to sit on a blanket on the grass, look into each other’s eyes, enjoy a few snacks, and for some have meaningful conversation. Meanwhile for those of us watching the kids it was a bit of a different scene as we tried to entertain all 60 or so of them, many of whom were tired, and weren’t sure if they were ready to be away from their parents! But miraculously after 15 minutes of chaos, quiet and peace came over the kids as they engaged with the program. We were so thankful for our friends from Albania who came to help with the children’s program! The kids were doing skits, singing songs to each other, dancing, and even the teenagers did a skit which the smaller kids loved.

Of their experience, one person wrote, “Through this camp I was really able to get closer to my spouse. The activities and games we did together with the whole family strengthened our relationships.” That’s always our prayer, as strong marriages make strong families. God designed it like that! Another family said, “This camp was a time where we were able to disconnect from other things and we get closer to each other and God.”

In a time where it seems like the family unit is losing its significance in society, these camps are really meeting a felt need. We are looking forward to next summer and praying for more staff so we can hopefully run two of these camps!