Family Camp Nepal

My husband and I are blessed from this 5 day Family Camp. I felt closeness with God and spent time with my husband. I learned about raising my kids and building up trust with them. Giving love, respect, honor and having trust in a family – these things touched me.
The prayer time and ministry times touched my husband and me very much. I want to thank my small group leaders for giving their precious time to teach us.
I felt that time was short for me as I wanted to learn more. I hope God will provide more opportunities like this in the future.
I would like to thank brother Paul and his family very much. Praise the Lord.

Paulas Panday, one of the hosts:

I was very blessed through the Camp. We had an incredible time as whole family joining this camp and experiencing a great time together. This was our first Family Camp. As a leader of the YWAM Center for Youth and Family Ministry (CYFM) we had dreamed of this for years, but we had not experienced it. I am so thankful to Paul and Marjolein (Heiligenberg) for helping us make our ministry’s dream come true. Paul walked with us from the beginning stage of planning. Both of them came to lead the Camp with us and we were blessed by their willingness to serve. I am also very thankful for those who gave towards the Camp. I am thankful for Ross and Mindy for committing to the Camp and coming all the way here to serve together. I would like to thank the King’s Kids Leaders from Kathmandu who helped with the kids program and ministered to our kids throughout the week. Without these two families, the KKI Team and the people who generously gave, we couldn’t have run such a successful Camp. Finally I would like to thank our CYFM staff who prayed with us and supported the vision. It’s been a great journey: dreaming, praying and growing together. Praise the Lord!

Paulas Panday
YWAM Nepal Center for Youth and Family Ministry