Family Ministries at YWAM Together 2018

During the first week of September, 4000 YWAM-ers from around the world met in Pattaya, Thailand, for our international YWAM gathering called YWAM Together. The focus of the main meetings was on spending time as a family, celebrating cultures and sharing stories of what God is doing. Thanks to the excellent security measures in place, participants, especially from closed (Asian) countries, were able to share amazing testimonies. We celebrated with them and our faith grew to see every nation and every tongue getting to know Jesus.

(For security reasons we can’t show pictures of the people attending the meeting)

“How Can I start Family Ministries?” was one of the questions we were asked during the Network Circles (some afternoons we had meetings based on Topic or Network). In the first of those, we gathered with 200+ YWAM-ers with a heart for the Family sphere. We used this opportunity to think and talk about being a family in missions, finding Mr or Mrs Right, and how people can link to our network. Later we split up into smaller groups to discuss various topics and to connect, pray and encourage one another.

Representing Family Ministries in the Expo hall, selling t-shirts, books and giving out flyers.
Meeting in the main hall for worship