Family Seminar in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with rich and fertile land. It is mountainous with jungles full of big and high trees. Many people grow tea and rice.

It was a revelation to many of them to hear the teaching on family and marriage. The first week I (Langson Zulu) taught in one church in Surkhet town. The teaching was about ‘Family as God made it, Family as sin made it, and family as Graces restores it.’ This was in the middle of Surkhet town. I could see how deep the words penetrated by looking at their faces. At the end we had a time of prayer for families and forgiveness in families.

From Surkhet town we moved to the village where we ran the second seminar. There were many people from the community, which is strongly Buddhist. The spiritual atmosphere was heavy, but by God’s grace we had a good time and the people were very blessed. I was touched to see how innocent some of them seemed to be about their religion: it was all they knew. After the seminar they put a hat on my head to help me remember Nepal and all of them in my prayers.

People here, both men and women, sit down on the floor-mat, leaving their shoes outside. I was told that this is common for all churches. I was also surprised when I found out that they meet for worship on Saturday instead of Sunday.

The hunger for the word is huge, especially in the area of family relationships. Here in Nepal they have YWAM schools, like DTS, worship and other schools. They are planning to start new ones, but had not considered the Family Ministries School, because they were not aware of it. Now that they know about this ministry, they are excited to get the FMS to Nepal.

After the seminars, I sat down with a man called Ratna. He has a heart for families and he wants this school to be pioneered here. In faith we have set the dates for January 2019. We will need you to join us so that these plans will be realized.

Ratna told me: “Many children leave their families because they did not receive love and because families are broken. So I feel I must do something with Families”.