God set them free

The 2017 Tanzanian FMS started in May with a challenge: most of the students pulled out at the last moment, because of the drought we had in Masai land. The Masai students could not leave their houses, their animals were dying. We ended up running the school with five students. God showed Himself very faithful: we finished the Lecture phase without debt.

During the lecture phase we conducted seminars in schools and churches together with our speakers and students.

Standing outside the school hall after our Seminar

The outreach phase was also challenging, but God gave us victory. We ministered to people who were bound to demonic powers and God set them free. The FMS team reached out to a compound that belonged to a (former) witch. He was well known in the whole village.

We thank God that the outreach finished successfully. However we did not have any money for graduation. When we tried to fundraise we were faced with another challenge. We can’t have an official graduation because we were too few. “Just give certificates to your students and let them go”, we were told. After talking much with the leadership, they allowed us to use the facilities. They were worried that no one would attend the occasion… Here are some photos of our graduation:



We want to use this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers, encouragements and support:

  • We praise God for giving us success in our last school.
  • Pray for our next Family Ministries Schools: Nairobi and Arusha. For both students and speakers: to be ready, for God in their hearts, and Holy Spirit to guide them.
  • Provision for me and my wife, through monthly support.
  • Provision for the students as they prepare to come.

from Zulu’s desk,
Langson and Mary