His Kingdom come into our home

By Roberto Lucero

Family is a design of God that started in Eden. It started with the first family and ends with the second coming of Christ where we will come to our Father’s house to celebrate a big wedding. It begins in a garden with a married couple united by God and ends in a city full of sons and daughters. Family is not a coincidence, it is a gift from God. Family is the place of most spiritual warfare and discipleship, where we can grow or be destroyed in our character, where we feel abandoned or receive belonging. It is the place designed by God so we can be loved and learn how to love others. It is right here where the Fruit of the Spirit should be seen. But all over the world, family and faith are being attacked, devalued and distorted.

During my school “Foundations in Family Studies” (FFS) in Hainichen, Germany, God showed me the importance of good communication in my family. I learned to recognize the different capacities and temperaments of each one, the spiritual capacity of my children and how to guide them to a daily encounter with God in our home. He has confronted me concerning quality time in my role as a father and husband. How we leave a good legacy for the next generations depends on the light of God we shine in our home, so that when we are no longer with them, our children will follow the example of our faith. We must be image-bearers of God to our family so that our children and his kingdom come into our home.

Through the FFS school I was able to begin new processes with God. I learned to be more intentional in expressing love, in developing interdependence toward my family: unity and individuality in balance. We have started to set family goals and establish more healthy boundaries. I also learned how to involve my children in important decisions and times with God. I absolutely recommend the FFS.

Where will we see the fulfilment of God’s promises?

In our homes if they are founded on Christ, understanding His design for family and marriage. As parents we are the platform from which our children will be launched into greater challenges with God. Our restoration will bring more blessing to our descendants. If we want to learn more about family we need to know more about God as creator. This school (FFS) presents you with principles and values based on a biblical worldview and on the love of a heavenly Father who wants to reveal himself to his children… Blessings!

Roberto Lucero is from Chile and he is married to Nicole from Germany. They have two boys, Samuel age 7 and Nehemia who is 4 years old. They have been serving as missionaries in Germany since 2015. In 2019, they attended the Foundation for Family Studies (FFS) in Hainichen, Germany.