Life Skill Tools for Couples, Children and Families

by Julian and Joanna Saint Fournier

In the beginning of a relationship all seems to be going well, we enjoy each other’s company, try and please each other and can’t wait to be together. Strangely enough as the years roll by this energy and excitement begins to fade as we avoid expressing our disappointment that things are not the way we planned.

Research has shown that couples who have developed emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills are connected and better equipped to face the challenges of everyday life.

This research inspired Julian & Joanna to create an innovative tool and set-up a voluntary foundation dedicated to helping couples connect to each other and build a relationship that lasts forever. Couple Cards encourage couples to express their feelings, discuss their differences and resolve them in a loving way. The cards are for couples of all ages at various stages of the relationship. Ideal as a marriage preparation or a marriage encounter, they can help create that spark which we all need in our relationship.

The Couple Cards initiative, which started 8 years ago, has been shared with thousands of couples across the world and is now available in 8 languages.

In 2016 after years of research, Julian & Joanna, together with a group of volunteers, developed a similar tool called ‘Friendship Cards’, to help children and families build life skills. The response to this tool has been amazing, and in 2017 the Friendship initiative received a national recognition for its positive impact on society, as one of the winners of Social Impact Award. Primary school teachers are currently being trained so that they will share these life skills with children at school.

In February 2018, Julian and Joanna were invited to present a workshop on Couple & Friendship cards at a prestigious international conference organised by the President of Malta. The workshop was attended by delegates representing over 8 nationalities and served as the ideal platform to continue to share this voluntary-based initiative across the world.

Julian and Joanna’s dream is that every child, couple and family will have the opportunity to play and learn with the Couple cards & Friendship cards, so that together we will build a strong society which will be a gift for the generations to come.

The greatest gift we can give our families is to be connected. This involves sharing our feelings and resolving conflicts that are part of everyday life.

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