Marriage and Parenting seminars India

Tamil Nadu, India

YWAM Family Ministries India is happy to report that Jacob and Helen from Tamil Nadu have been conducting several marriage and parenting seminars in different locations, especially in the Tamil speaking region. They also run seminars for FM trainers. Many couples have been blessed through their teaching and counselling, both laypeople and ministers alike.


One of the participants said: “We have been married for 34 years. Having attended so many meetings without my wife, this is my first seminar with her. What was taught at the seminar should have been taught to us many years ago; if so, our married life would have been better. The most useful teaching for us was about love languages.”
Another couple shared: “There are many issues that we never talked about and resolved so far, and those things kept coming back and harming our relationship. We have learnt the skill of listening to each other and resolving conflicts through this seminar.”