Marriage ministry in Uzbekistan

By Aysultan and Olimjon Kushвakova.

We ran a 2-day marriage training for 8 couples who are the leaders of different ministries from Ferghana Valley.

Our goal was to equip them in strengthening their marriage in order to help other married couples.
We taught 5 topics with application of the material:

  • Home of Unity -marriage basics, building blocks of marriage.
  • Having correct expectations for your marriage and for each other,
  • Meeting each other’s needs,
  • Resolving conflict,
  • Physical Intimacy.

Testimonies (The names are changed for personal privacy…)
Sarah: “During the teaching on resolving conflicts, I saw that I used to judge my husband and children. I used curse words which damaged my marriage. The most simple and wrong thing was using the words never and always towards my husband; I learned that they don’t help in right communication. I learned to take time during conflict to resolve it in healthy way, so I won’t explode and hurt my children and husband.”

Nathan: “Before coming to this training, I didn’t talk to my wife in appropriate way-I realized that I didn’t even talk to her enough and that’s why she doesn’t know me well. From now on I will spend more time with her and share with my feelings.”

Sam: “When I had conflicts with my wife, I used to punish her by not talking to her for many days, and it hurt her very much, now I will be open and talk to her in love and with patience.”

On the last day, we asked the couples to write letters to each other where they asked forgiveness and forgave each other with tears. When they were reading to each other they received healing from God.