Report from REAPP in Taiwan

by Morten & Tiffany Olesen

Four months ago, during the Family Ministries Asia Forum held in Taiwan, we showcased the REAPP workshops. One of the reasons we really appreciate taking part in the Family Ministries Forum, is the fact that it is such a great place to build your network and collaborate with others in any capacity. Hence, the collaboration between Philippines and Taiwan was established. On October 27-Nov 2, 2017, with 18 participants, the first Marriage/Relationship Enrichment Workshop and the Facilitators training were held.

We were so encouraged when the host in Taiwan took on the huge challenge of translating all the participant and facilitator manuals into Mandarin (Traditional Chinese). This was our first time facilitating these workshops with translation and we found it quite challenging. However, we were very blessed to have participants that were active, open and eager to learn. The sessions that made the most impact for them were the communication cycle (a session with a very practical tool that helps you communicate comprehensibly as well as listen actively) and Communication Traffic Light (when participants assess what kind of communication pattern they use and how to grow in healthier communication patterns). It is exciting to see how these new facilitators will multiply REAPP in Taiwan. Although the translation of the manuals needs to be revised, we consider the Taiwan workshops one of the most fulfilling we’ve facilitated to date. It’s always very exciting with great potential for growth.

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