Perfect! Is this the one?

Here are ten tips for starting a relationship and making it work.

I shared this year in our “single night” events. These are young adults looking for marriage, but sometimes so much that they mess it up. You need to know if you are making a good choice, and if your relationship does not end in marriage let’s not get hurt badly. The cardinal rule is: if you can’t live as a single person, don’t get married!

  1. Men : Don’t be too pushy. This is guaranteed to repulse the woman.
    Women : Don’t be too quick to judge – many men show their best qualities with time.
  2. Men : Look good. Find (a lady) who will give you honest advice about what to change.
    Women : Don’t try to look too good. Keep it simple and smart.
  3. Men : Listen and take an interest. Men who are married either learnt this or are now divorced.
    Women : Be encouraging and never criticise. Married women have either learnt this …
  4. Men : When you talk to a woman, let her talk about how she feels.
    Women : When you talk to a man, try to do most of the talking. Don’t ask: “what are you thinking?”
  5. Men : Suggest going somewhere with a few other friends. Security is everything.
    Women : Take the risk of going.
  6. Men : Don’t get physically close. You will burn up the friendship.
    Women : You won’t lose the man if you resist his physical advances. If he can’t hear it he is not worth it.
  7. Men : Find a friend who can give you some feedback on how the lady is feeling about you.
    Women : Find a friend who will tell the man how you are feeling about him.
  8. Men : If you don’t have much money, you will need some.
    Women : Don’t put your money into the relationship if the man doesn’t have any.
  9. Men : Be real about who you are, be honest about your spirituality.
    Women : Realise that the man will never be the spiritual giant you dream of.
  10. Men : Find some hobbies or voluntary work you really like to do and get involved.

Paul Marsh is part of the Family Resource Center in the University of the Nations. He is married to Geneviève and lives in Switzerland.