The Lonely House – Elin Solberg

You are unique and special.

In Heartville, there are all kinds of houses: big ones, small ones, clean ones, dirty ones, sad ones, and happy ones.

Hiding in fear in a house behind a thorny wall at a distance from all the other houses, a hurting, lonely girl believes she doesn’t fit in. One day, there’s an unexpected knock on her door. Will she dare to open it? And can the person outside help her find hope again?

This is a beautiful story of how each one of us is loved, unique, and special, and how we, through receiving and granting forgiveness, can open our hearts to others again after being hurt. Including discussion questions and activities, this book is especially designed to be read with others, deepening your family’s relationships by helping you talk about the important things in life.

Available on Amazon in both Swedish and English.