When I saw this I thought of you

By Rachael Warne

Packages piled high, beautifully wrapped and donned with expressions of love for the recipient. The thought makes me rush with warmth !

For those not really into gifts, this can be a huge struggle – especially when you know it means so much to a significant other. But for me, it really boils down to this: Thoughtfulness. It’s not the price tag, the size or quantity which makes me feel loved (though, of course, that can be wonderful too!). It’s more about the message conveyed : this person thought about me and took time to materialise that into something tangible. Something handmade by the giver can speak so much. The most meaningful gifts I’ve received have been lovingly packaged and included a heartfelt note such as : “I thought you could use this for…”, “When I saw this, I immediately thought of you”, or “I remember you saying you’d always wanted….”

As a lover of gifts, both given and received, there are some cautions I need to be mindful of.  As a child, I would burst with anticipation for present-opening time and in my mind had already played the scene out, imagining my future delight and excitement. I’d build up my expectations to such an extent that when I finally opened a package, I sometimes became disappointed it didn’t reach the grandeur I’d imagined.

Because so much is in the anticipation, expectations can be high. This can lead to hurt or disappointment if a gift is overlooked, not given, or not what you had hoped for. It is helpful to keep expectations in check, express gratefulness, and not let it become about what you wanted and what you received.  Instead, put the focus on relationships, memories made…and how much joy you can bring to others in what you give.