Brother-Sister Friendships – 弟兄姊妹般的友誼 – Дружба между братом – сестрой

(Non-romantic沒有浪漫的 Неромантическая)

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  1. Basis 根基

    I Tim 5:1-2 …and the younger women as sisters in all purity (Honorable, respectful) Overemphasis on dating and coupleness 提摩太前書5:1-2 「不可嚴責老年人、只要勸他如同父親.勸少年人如同弟兄.勸 老年婦女如同母親.勸少年婦女如同姐妹.總要清清潔潔的。」(誠實的、尊敬 的) 過份強調在約會和夫婦。

  2. Benefits 好處

    1. Wholesome, non-threatening, interaction with the opposite sex 健康的、沒有威脅的、與異性的互動。
      1. Development of social skills 發展社交技巧
        Group settings 團隊的安置
        No brothers or sisters in Family Of Origin 在原生家庭中沒有兄弟姊妹
      2. Healing 醫治
        Previous relationship filled with selfishness & lust 先前的關係充滿自私與貪求
        Woundings from brothers or sisters 過去從兄弟姊妹來的傷害
        Never known pure wholesome loving relationships 從未經歷健康愛的關係
    2. Companionship 友誼 (Without romantic overtones沒有浪漫的弦外之音)
      1. Friendship 友誼
      2. Relieves loneliness 減緩孤單
      3. Ministers to need for intimacy服事親密關係的需要 (Intimacy is a universal need 親密關係是全球的需求, Gen 2:18創世紀 2:18)

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