Children At Risk Schools

Seeking to understand what God wants us to do in a world where children are suffering and hurting. In a three-month course, learn how to help children at risk. The school runs in different countries.

Who & What

The Children at Risk School is for Christians who are passionate about reaching out to children at risk, including street children, refugee children, kids from broken families, orphans, children with HIV/AIDS, and other children with different needs and challenges in their lives.

It is a full-time school with a 3-month lecture phase. The teachings and methods are developed in such a way that students can put them into practice straight away. They will be able to create their own detailed ministry project plan or personal development plan to help them further their ministry goals in a practical way.

After those first 3 months in the classroom, some schools offer an outreach of 3 months with cross-cultural experiences, while other schools offer one or two periods of a 3 to 6-month practicum. Both options, outreach and practicum, are offered to help the student put into practice the lessons learned during the lecture phase.

More information & locations

For more information about this training and related seminars, or to find out where this school runs, check their website: