Four Models of Leadership In The Home – 四個家庭領導模式

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  1. Traditional Model傳統模式

Traditional Leadership model family

The above diagram portrays how many people view the traditional understanding of the husband being the head of his home and the wife being in submission to him. In this model, the husband is viewed as over his wife and as having a superior position. The wife is under her husband and holds an inferior position. He is “in charge” and she is to obey him “in everything.”

從上圖來看大部分的人可以從傳統的觀點來瞭解,丈夫是家裡面的頭,而妻子將會順服於他。從這個模式當 中,丈夫的觀點是超越他的妻子的,而且有一個超優越的位置!這個妻子是位於丈夫之下,而且使於屬下的 位置。丈夫是掌控負責者而妻子則是在「每一件事上」都需順服。


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