Friendship – 友誼

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  1. The Bible and Friendship 聖經中的友誼

    Gen 2:18…not good for the man to be alone. A need for intimacy and companionship
    創世紀2:18…. 耶和華 神說、那人獨居不好、我要為他造一個配偶幫助他。

    1. Examples(範例)
      1. David & Jonathan(大衛、約拿單) I Sam 18:1-3; 20:16-17 ( he loved him as his own life), “The soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David & Jonathan loved him as himself” (撒母耳記上18:1~3, 20:16-17)‧約拿單愛大、如同愛自己的性命… II Sam 1:26 Your love… was more wonderful than the love of women 撒母耳記下 1:26 我兄約拿單哪、我為你悲傷‧我甚喜悅你、你向我發的愛 情奇妙非常、過於婦女的愛情。
      2. Moses and the Lord, Ex 33: 11 (Spoke face to face) 摩西和上帝 出埃及記33:11 (面對面的說話)
      3. Abraham, James 2:23 …the friend of God 亞伯拉罕, 雅各書 2:23 ….神的朋友
      4. Jesus and Lazarus, John 11:11 耶穌和拉撒路, 約翰福音11:11
      5. Jesus & His disciples, John 15:13-15 耶穌和祂的門徒 約翰福音15:13~15

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