Leaving a Legacy that Lasts – 㚨⼴䔁ᶳ䘬怢䓊

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  1. What comes to mind when you think of “heritage” or “legacy?”

    1. Definition:
      1. Heritage: Something that is or can be inherited. Tradition, culture, rights, that are transmitted from generation to generation. Norwegian, Christian, Mennonite (characteristics, mannerisms, customs) Ps 16:6 …surely I have a delightful inheritance
      2. Inheritance-Legacy: Anything acquired by succession: Physical, mental, or cultural characteristics derived from one’s ancestry. (Spiritual characteristics)
    2. Our physical characteristics, our personality traits, and much of our fundamental belief system are inherited from our parents and others who touched our lives while we were young. Every day we add something to the list of things we pass down to our children and to others.

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