My Legacy To My Children & Grandchildren – 我給兒女和後代的遺產

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  • I want you to have a vibrant faith in God and to know Him intimately. 我想要你在主裡有活得信心親密的認識祂。
  • I want you to honor the Lord in everything you do. 我想要你在你所做的每一件事情上尊榮主。
  • I want you to fulfill your God-given destiny in life. 我想要神所命定的旨意成全在你的生命裡。
  • I want you to find joy in your vocation. 我想要你在你的工作當中有喜樂。
  • I want you to have a love for the Word of God and a commitment to obey it. 我想要你甚愛神的話語並順服祂。

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