Purity in Courtship 純全的戀愛關係

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  1. Scripture basis for relationship 關係的基礎

    I Thessalonians 4:3-5, 7 God’s will(帖前4:3-5,7 神的心意)

    1. Abstain from sexual immorality(拒絕不道德的性關係)
    2. Live in a state of purity(活在純全中)
    3. Learn to develop committed relationships based on the will of God in an honorable and pure way.(用誠實且純全的方法,基於神的旨意中學習發 展委身的關係)
  2. Contrast of the Christian and the worldly way (Preparing for marriage should be different) 比照基督徒的方法和世界的方法
    1. Inward vrs external (Physical, sex appeal, hair style) 內在(對比)外在(身體、性方面、髮型)
    2. Union of hearts vrs sexual attraction 心的連結(對比)性的吸引 Relationships based on physical attraction only last 3-5 years 關係若是基於肉體的吸引大概只能維持3-5年之久。


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