The #1 destroyer of a relationship 第一名關係的毀壞者

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The closing of someone’s spirit  封閉某人的靈

  1. Hand illustration:(手勢圖解)
    1. Prov. 18:19 An offended brother is harder to win back than it is to take a fortified city. His anger shuts you out like bars of iron. (Surround them with love and wait) 箴言18:19 弟兄結怨、勸他和好、比取堅固城還難‧這樣的爭競、如同堅寨 的門閂。
    2. As long as someone’s spirit is closed our attempts at communication will fail. 如同某人的靈是封閉的,當我們試圖與他們交談則將會失敗!
  2. Signs of a closed spirit(靈封閉的信號)
    It happens in stages and develops over time. 它有產生有階段性且發展的時間

    1. Hard 艱苦
    2. Angry countenance 生氣的表情
    3. Cold 冷酷/unresponsive 沒 有回應/distant 有距離
    4. Slam doors 甩門
    5. Don’t touch me!不要碰我
    6. No eye contact 沒有眼神的接觸
    7. One word responses 單字的回應
    8. Lights out 輕裝外出, turned back at night 回來很晚, locked door! 鎖門
    9. Silence 安靜
    10. Withdrawal 退縮, pulling back 後退

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