Understanding Family Systems – 瞭解家庭的系統

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  1. Introduction(序言)
    1. The unseen 3rd part of marriage. The other people present in counseling. (在第三個未看見的部分婚姻當中,其他人的呈現在諮商當中。)
    2. Families, churches, schools have a personality, unique characteristics.
      Every time you join a team, school, or church you are making a cross-cultural adjustment!
      Your personal identity also adjusts. Additions/subtractions cause change
      (家庭、教會、學校是有獨特人格特色的地方。每一次當你加入一個團體、學校 或教會你都是需要有跨文化的調整。你個體的認知也需要調整,或多或少會造成改變。)
    3. Families define culture (家庭定義文化)
    4. Families can be described as systems-Interdependent and inter-connected (家庭可以像是一個系統獨立而且互相有連結的)
      Defined by individual personalities in the group and how they interact.
      Family Systems model developed with AA and Alanon-Jim Piersak (其定義是在靠團體中個別的人格 定義而且會互相影響。家庭系統發展模式是AA和Alanon-Jim Piersak)
    5. Mobile Model(細胞模式)
      Families find a balance together and any changes in the family requires an adjustment to find a new balance (Defines Normal and Familiar)
      I Cor 12:26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it… (家庭在一起時發現了一個平衡,而且任何家裡面的改變需要調整會再發現 一個新的平衡(定義它的正常與相似性),哥林多前書12:26若一個肢體受苦、所有的肢體 就一同受苦)

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