Understanding Your Family Heritage – 了解你的家庭遺傳

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    Your family heritage has a profound impact upon your personal life and upon your understanding of healthy family life. Your family of origin often sets the standard by which you determine what is normal and familiar. Families are the definers of culture. Every marriage is a cross-cultural marriage, in spite of the fact, that you and your partner may speak the same language and may have grown up in the same community. 你的家庭遺傳在你個人生命中和你對健康家庭生活的認知有深遠的影響。你從你的原生家庭通常設立的標準 來衡量什麼是正常和常見的。家庭是文化的定義者。即使你和你的伴侶可說相同的語言且在同一個社區社會 長大,每一個婚姻都還是跨文化婚姻。

    Each family has its own personality and unique characteristics. The personality and characteristics of a family is strongly affected by the combination of two major factors: The level of closeness in the family and the amount of family flexibility. The Family Type diagram is a visual tool to help you better understand your family heritage and the impact it has had on your life. 每一個家庭有它獨特的性格和特徵。一個家庭的性格和特徵受到此兩個主要因素的混合的強烈影響:家庭中 親密的程度和家庭的彈性度。家庭模式表是一個能幫助你更多了解你的家庭遺傳和它已在你生命中造成的影 響的視覺工具

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