What Is A Family?什麼一個家庭? Что такое – Семья?

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The Family As God Intended It

  1. Intro:

    Everywhere I go, people are concerned about the family.
    A universal felt need. Family life is changing and everyone is concerned. (High divorce rates/Fatherless children)

  2. The Model of the Godhead (Wilma-1988)神性的模式
    Where did you get your view of marriage and family?你從那裡得到婚姻與家庭的觀點?

    1. Goal-Not the 目標不在於“Good old days以前的好日子”, Jewish猶太人的, Eastern東方 的, Western 西方的or Victorian維多利亞風格的.
      What was God’s original intention and purpose? 上帝最開始的目的是什麼?

      1. We attach biblical to traditional.我們把聖經附屬到傳統
      2. We see the family through our own grid. 我們經由自我的框架來看家庭
        We need to evaluate our traditions by the Bible and by the model of the Trinity.我們需要用聖經與 三位一體的模範來評價傳統


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