The Mending Chronicles – children after divorce

“A great resource for family workers and parents to help children cope with the trauma and life changes of divorce.”

Mita Frosthagen

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About the author

Natalie Knox is a qualified teacher and has had a career in primary school teaching. She has been a community lay counsellor for children in crisis, including general on-call trauma work and specialised divorce recovery counselling. She is currently working as a writer, taking the experiences she has had in the classroom and in the counselling room, to create stories that touch hurting children’s hearts. Natalie and her husband have three children and live in the south of Spain. They love exploring new places, long walks with their Spanish greyhound and eating delicious food.

About the book

‘The Mending Chronicles of Liam and Emily’ was written for children who have experienced divorce.  Natalie found it a challenge to find material to use for kids’ divorce recovery counselling that suited her style and convictions, so wrote her own stories and developed a handbook that was practical and dynamic. 

In ‘The Mending Chronicles’ she included:

  • The heartfelt story of Liam and Emily’s divorce journey,
  • Hope-filled scriptures from the Bible,
  • Christian themes,
  • the main emotions and responses to divorce,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • fun activities that include reflection, strategic problem-solving and self-expression.

The aim of the book is to provide a safe space for children to process their emotions and responses to divorce and empower them to communicate better with those around them. It also potentially highlights any misconceptions surrounding the divorce that children could have which may affect future relationships and well-being. The Christian themes and truth offered provide hope, faith and a chance for healing.  It is aimed at children ages 6-12 years and can be used with an adult or on their own.  It is available at most major online retailers worldwide.