How this FMS ran despite Corona

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for praying for us as a school. Despite the restriction due to Covid-19 we managed to finish the lecture phase for our FMS last month. We experienced God in a unique way!


When we decided to continue with the school the challenge was the speakers. All the planned speakers canceled because of the restrictions to stop the spread of Corona. We were convinced as staff that God wanted us to continue with the school. As a school, we started praying for grace as Mary, and I (Langson) decided to do all the teaching.

The Grace of God

As we continued praying God anointed us in a way we have never seen before. We were able to teach with the presence of God helping us to minister to students in special ways. We thank God for that! We knew it was because of the task before us, that He gave us the grace and anointing.


We thank God for His faithfulness. He provided at the right time for our students, so we finished the school without owing the base anything. Glory to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ for providing.


Dency was one of the students who came from Kenya. She had a problem relating to people, she used to avoid them. The school challenged her to engage and learn about healthy relationships, and as a result we started seeing changes in her.

A video interview by Langson Zulu with Dency, one of the students of the FMS in 2020

Bless you!
Langson Zulu
School leader FMS Arusha – Tanzania

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