Building Strong Families – 建造強壯的家庭

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“Secrets of Strong Families”, Dr. Nick Stinnet, Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1985. Based on 14,000 families- marriage happiness & satisfaction in parent-child relationships. 25 Years of research, 27 countries, pp. 35-36 Swindoll (1st Article-1985) 「家庭強健的秘訣」Dr. Nick Stinnet, Boston: Little, Brown & Co.,1985.根據14,000家庭-婚姻 快樂度&滿意度-與孩子的關係。25年的研究,27各國家。(第一版文章於1985)

I. Strong families are committed to the family (To serve, love, sacrifice, promote others happiness.) 強健的家庭需要為家庭委身(服侍、愛、犧牲、使對方開心) A. This is the keystone!-Covenant love(這是主要的要點-盟約的愛) Who lives for the family?(誰為這個家活?) What are you committed to?(你對什麼委身?) Fame, fortune, power, pleasure, personal fulfillment (聲譽,財富,權勢,歡愉,自我實現) Mal 4:6 Turned hearts(瑪拉基書4:6 心意迴轉), 1969 Z.H., I Jn 4:20 You have your rightful place in my life.(在我的生命中你有一個適當的位置) Ruth 1:16-18 Loyalty, Covenant (For better or worse) “Until Death do us part” 路得記1:16~18 忠誠、盟約(為了更好或更差)「至死都會做我們的部分」

Examples:範例 1. My father’s commitment to mom(我父親對我母親的委身) 2. Dr. Robertson McQuilkin, Pres. of Columbia Bible College for 22 years. Resigned in 1990 to take care of Muriel. Had promised 42 years earlier-”in sickness and health. (p. 96 Family Reformation) 3. Dave Reever’s wife-Vi

B. Family is a top priority.(家庭具有最高的優先順序) Put first things first. (把該放在第一位的放在第一位) Source of wounding, not giving members their rightful place, left overs Phil 2:3-8 selfishness…personal interests; 20-21 seek…own interests. (What’s in it for me? Family commitments confront our selfishness. 如果源頭受傷了,不要讓其他的去取代了對的位置,而遺忘了它。 腓立比書2:3~8 自私….個人的興趣; 20-21尋找…自己的興趣(在我的裡面有什 麼呢?是否有遇到家庭的委身與自私間的選擇問題?)

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