Head & Helper – An understanding of Biblical Marriage

[avatar user=”PaulH” size=”medium” align=”right” link=”/author/PaulH”]Paul Heiligenberg[/avatar]Update: Now also available n Chinese! This is a booklet to help you understand God’s plan and purpose for marriage. The last 10 years, my wife, Marjolein, and I have mainly been ministering in Nepal and Northeast India. During our …

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Four Models of Leadership In The Home – 四個家庭領導模式

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[avatar user=”larryb” size=”medium” align=”right” link=”/author/larryb”]Larry Ballard[/avatar] Traditional Model傳統模式 The above diagram portrays how many people view the traditional understanding of the husband being the head of his home and the wife being in submission to him. In this model, the husband is viewed as over …

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